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What Indian Food Can Teach You About Making San Francisco's Best Cocktails

February 20, 2017

Although I’m not Indian, I’ve spent the vast majority of my life eating Indian food. My father was very good friends with the owner of several Indian restaurants in Rhode Island, and our Friday nights were often spent enjoying Lamb Vindaloo and Onion Pakora in his restaurants. I still remember the joy and surprise of […]


Cultivating Mindful Eating with San Francisco’s Indian Cuisine

February 17, 2017

Two tall millennial men walked into the restaurant recently, looking very serious and focused. Well, actually they charged into the restaurant, clearly in a rush, and the air around them was thick with tension.  It could have been a disagreement on a new product design, a dispute about the strategy of their startup, or the […]


New Carnatic Music Brings a Reinterpreted South Indian Musical Tradition to DOSA

February 15, 2017

Image Source: Sankar Raman The following is a guest post by musician Gautam Tejas Ganeshan. Ganeshan has performed widely since 2004, especially in the SF Bay Area, including at the SFMOMA, SFJAZZ, Asian Art Museum (SF), Hertz Hall at UC Berkeley, and more. His work has been commissioned by the Creative Work Fund, supporting “Story of […]


Reimagining South Indian Desserts with a Local San Francisco Twist

February 13, 2017

Like many love stories, my relationship with sweets has been an unpredictable journey. My love for dessert began at an early age, watching my grandmother bake exquisite lemon meringue pies. I use to marvel over their decadence and perfect symmetry. A self-proclaimed “chocoholic” by the age of ten, it was many years before my love of […]


Pairing Wine With Indian Cuisine: Why Spice Won’t Ruin Your Glass

January 30, 2017

The first time I drank wine with Indian food was an absolute accident. It was years ago in an Indian buffet-style BYOB joint with two friends. They ran across the street to a corner store; one to get beer, the other to get wine for our dinner. When one returned with the wrong parcel and […]

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