Sample DOSA’s Delicious 3-Course Family-Style Menu During San Francisco Restaurant Week 2017

Sample DOSA’s Delicious 3-Course Family-Style Menu During San Francisco Restaurant Week 2017

Trying new things is easy in the bustling city of San Francisco—but it’s often easier to procrastinate and stick with what’s comfortable. Sometimes, fate gives us a little push in the right direction toward what’s exciting and new. I made a New Year’s resolution to get out and personally visit more of San Francisco’s vibrant culinary scene. It’s great to work the floor or run the pass, and we keep in close touch with the evolution of Indian food all over the world, but one of DOSA’s main goals is to keep a pulse on San Francisco’s culinary innovation—and the best place for sensing trends is out and about in the City.

We taste the freshest local ingredients at the various farmer’s markets, savor intriguing flavor combinations, and check out what dishes are trending right now. While DOSA has only touched the surface of authentic South Indian fare and we will continue exploring and celebrating its diversity, these experiences fuel the constant culinary inspiration that keeps our regulars coming back again and again and allows us to respect local culinary culture.

Thankfully, I tend to come to this conclusion at the same time each year: mid January, also known as San Francisco Restaurant Week. From January 18-29, chefs across the city will be serving up dishes in new, innovative ways. Local restaurants create inexpensive, approachable prix fixe menus of their best and brightest creations, so you can savor a different world every single night.

A Chef’s Best of San Francisco Restaurant Week

Obviously, I can’t miss every night of Restaurant Week at DOSA in order to sample the taste of the city. However, even if I wanted to, I couldn’t possibly make it to every participating restaurant—or even ten percent of them! So many fantastic chefs participate in this event every year that you’ve simply got to prioritize your favorites. Or, select a run of the new restaurants you’ve been dying to try in recent months.

If I had the entire week, these local hotspots would be at the top of my list. I’d check out Namu Gaji for some delicious Korean food created by Chef Dennis Lee in a super hip environment. For out of town visitors, the Waterbar on the Embarcadero serves delicious seafood with spectacular views of the Bay Bridge, and for a sexy, cool, urban experience with perfectly executed American food, 25 Lusk is a great place for dinner. I’d visit Central Kitchen for fresh Californian organic fare with local wines, and I wouldn’t miss Bellota for a $25 lunch deal on their asado bocadillo with quince conserva and Asian pear.

I’d finish up with a visit to DOSA, of course, because I’ve been dying for a fully immersive taste of our ingredient-driven South Indian fare—lamb shank masala, organic mushroom uttapam, or chennai chicken. Whoever said a chef can’t enjoy his own cooking has never tasted the intricate spices and bold flavors of South India.

DOSA’s Vibrant Family-Style Menu for Restaurant Week

DOSA power team of South Indian chefs have pushed their boundaries this year to create seasonal menus featuring fresh ingredients from the local farmer’s market along with delicious, vibrant spices imported from Indian. Our kitchen inspiration often comes from taking a traditional South Indian classic (like an uttapam) and breathing new life into the dish with a unique spice, dark green leafy salads, chutney, seasonal and organic vegetables, or other secret ingredients. This time of year, we’re experimenting with citrus and romanesco, root vegetables, and cauliflower—served with a heavenly blend of Indian spice. I’d definitely go for the Nagai Korma, adapted from a family recipe by one of our chefs, or Dungeness crab salad with raita, which both have a unique spin on local flavors.

DOSA is also delivering a new family-style menu which allows everyone at the table to share everything much like you would when having dinner with family and friends! With this menu, each person gets to taste eight different dishes across three-course, including a couple delicious desserts by one of the most innovative and spice-inspired dessert programs.

Welcome To Tastes and Aromas of South India

Transport yourself to South India with our authentic and inspired family-style recipes using local, organic, natural, and sustainable ingredients

Lamb shank is one of the dishes you can enjoy at DOSA during Restaurant Week.

ALL DISHES TO be shared by the table   $40 per person
D: Dairy Free  |  E: Egg Free  |  G: Gluten Free  |  N: Nut FreE  |  V: Vegan


Red beet & cumin Soup | EGN
 Roasted pureed red beets, touch of crème fraiche

Sprouted Mung & Paneer Salad  | EGN
Coconut, pomegranate seed, arugula, orange-cumin dressing

Beet croquettes |  D
Spiced shredded beets, potatoes, nuts, curry leaves, red cabbage & cranberry chutney

Chennai Chicken | GN
Boneless, spiced-yogurt marinade, coriander, cumin, halal, raita, fried

Lemon Chile Scallops | DEGN ($6 SUPPLEMENT per person)
Sustainable, lemongrass curry leaves, coconut milk, arugula, mini crown dosa, gunpowder oil


Classic Masala Dosa | EG  ADD Truffle oil $1
The classic, spiced potato, turmeric, white truffle oil, cashew nut

Mixed Mushroom & Truffle Oil Uttapam | EGN
Organic Beech, Maitake, Trumpet mushrooms, fresh curry leaves

Lamb “Keema” Dosa | EGN ($2 SUPPLEMENT per person)
Plain dosa, side of spiced minced lamb, diced potatoes

Chicken Dum Korma | EGN
Pandanus flower, cloves, onion, yogurt, smoked Halal

Goan Prawn Masala  | EGND
Curry leaves, onion-tomato, coconut milk, cilantro, saffron, pickled ginger

Roasted Masala Lamb Shank | DEG ($8 SUPPLEMENT per person)
Free-range & natural, fennel, tomatoes, onions, spices, Superior Farms, spiced yogurt marinade, potato


House-made Sorbet
(Please ask about our seasonal flavors)

Sweet cheese patties, cream, cardamom, rose water, pistachio  

Pistachio barfi
Cashew milk fudge, dark chocolate ganache, hibiscus flower, late harvest berry

Don’t Miss San Francisco Restaurant Week 2017

If you’re feeling the itch to try something new this year, you’ll definitely want to savor the culinary delights of Restaurant Week. From DOSA’s $40 prix fixe menu to the over 100 fantastic participating restaurants, you simply cannot go wrong during San Francisco’s biggest gastronomic event of the year.

From January 18-29, you can sample the very best our city has to offer—and usually with a significant discount. Book your table soon for SF Restaurant Week 2017 because DOSA on Fillmore or DOSA on Valencia will fill up fast with newcomers and regulars alike, beginning January 18.

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