Craft DOSA’s Spice Route Rum Cocktails With International Mixologist Summer-Jane Bell

Craft DOSA’s Spice Route Rum Cocktails With International Mixologist Summer-Jane Bell

The warm sweetness of a full-bodied, local amber with hints of spice and a beautifully smooth finish requires no chaser. Shaking together soft and sweet with bright hints of cinnamon or black pepper and a refreshing mixer produces a result that bartenders worldwide clamor for. There is no other joy like crafting a delectable rum cocktail from local and international ingredients — especially a mix of your own creation.

Brilliantly colorful spices and alluring flavors with seasonal and local ingredients are the source and inspiration for the cocktail menus at DOSA. Lead Bartender Chris Lukens and the bar team craft intricately-spiced, perfectly balanced cocktails from house-made infusions, nectars, and bitters. The results are deliciously inventive, from the use of cumin,  coriander, cloves and turmeric, to local fine spirits. These distinct flavors complement the depth of Owner Anjan Mitra’s traditional South Indian cuisine.  

Made entirely from scratch, DOSA’s innovative and signature Spice Route cocktail program, was launched over eight years ago with help of uber bartender Jonny Raglin (from Bellota, Absinthe & Comstock). It was the first cocktail program in San Francisco and the U.S. to incorporate spices into each nectar and cocktail in a delicate and balanced way! The legacy of this brilliant collaboration is evident in many of the top bar programs in San Francisco that incorporate spices into their drinks. Now, DOSA is giving you the opportunity to experiment with world-class ingredients and innovative spices to create rum-based cocktails that are uniquely yours.

Embark on the Spice Route With DOSA

If you’re intrigued by the combination of sweet rum and explosive South Indian spice, you may be interested in joining us at our Fillmore location on Saturday, January 21st at 11:30 am for DOSA’s Rum Cocktails Class. Mix your own rum-based cocktails with guidance from renowned local and international experts.

Internationally-recognized mixologist Summer-Jane Bell will be leading our journey into rum and spice. She currently serves as the General Secretary of the US Bartenders’ Guild, but local San Franciscans who are into the bar scene will already know her as former President of the SF chapter. If Angostura bitters feature prominently in your glasses, you’ll be pleased to hear that Summer-Jane is Brand Ambassador for the company (maybe you can get some mixing tips). Most recently, she co-founded Trophy Cocktail, the photo sharing app you’ll be downloading immediately if you’re not an avid user already. Trust me on that one.

As part of our ongoing series on the Spice Route Cocktail, this installment will fill your highball glass with inspiration and new flavor combinations to experiment with at home. All of DOSA’s cocktails are made with fresh, seasonal, and house-made ingredients—meaning you get to practice crafting your own cocktails with the very best of San Francisco. This intensive 90-minute class includes:

  • An overview of the history of rum and its influence on the Indian subcontinent.
  • Rum & cocktail tastings prepared by expert mixologists.
  • Hands-on creation of rum-based cocktails, including DOSA’s classic Ginger Ante.
  • A delicious assortment of South Indian plates to whet your appetite.

Although Summer-Jane is, of course, passionately invested in the exciting world of cocktails and craft spirits, she finds teaching and mentoring to be the most rewarding aspects of her life. You may have caught one of her fantastic cocktail seminars at Tales of the Cocktail, The Bar Institute, Sacramento Cocktail Week, or the Tampa Bay Repeal Day Conference.  We know firsthand how inspiring Summer-Jane’s teaching is, and we look forward to mixing sweet rum and aromatic South Indian flavor under her expert guidance. Here are the event details:

Rum Cocktail Class at DOSA
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Saturday, January 21st
DOSA on Fillmore
11:30am – 1:00pm
$65 (includes cocktails, bites & instruction)

DOSA on Fillmore in the burgeoning Fillmore district resides at 1700 Fillmore Street, San Francisco, 94115. Please note that event tickets are non-refundable but are transferrable.   If you need to transfer your ticket to another guest, please email For all other questions, feel free to contact the restaurant directly at (415) 441-3672.

If creating unique cocktails that no one has ever tasted before, is your idea of a good time, you’ll surely enjoy the creative atmosphere at DOSA.  We take innovation to the next level, both in our cuisine and our cocktail menu. Every season is unique, and we’re always looking to experiment with new and exciting flavors. We serve authentic Indian cuisine with a modern flair, with a world-class spice-driven cocktail menu and an urban Indian sensibility. DOSA’s menu of regional Southern Indian specialties is created from high-quality, local, organic, sustainable and seasonal ingredients that delight locals and visitors alike.

For more information on DOSA’s menu, classes, or other events, visit or DOSA Fillmore Facebook, DOSA Valencia Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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