Spice Up Your Next Office Party with Catered Indian Cuisine and Cocktails

Spice Up Your Next Office Party with Catered Indian Cuisine and Cocktails

There are so many great reasons to organize an office party that extend beyond the holiday season.  You could celebrate during a welcome party for employees, the launch of a new product, team-building exercises, brainstorming sessions, visiting customers or partners, joint-birthdays, or possibly even a holiday party in January when you’re not competing for scarce time and resources.  It’s essential for developing the culture of your organization. And, of course, you want these get-togethers to be the most enviable celebrations possible within your company.  

Imagine an enticing bar, somewhat dimly lit if it’s in the evening. Bartenders are busy pouring out beautiful concoctions, and everyone is enjoying exciting, well-presented street-food style Indian dishes. The expertly crafted drinks meld with the bold, delicious flavors of the food. The crowd is abuzz with good vibes and lively conversation.

Did your party not quite look like that? Perhaps your office just wasn’t transformed into the festive, elegant venue you imagined—after all, paper snowflakes can only do so much. If that’s the case, consider finding a new vision for the next party.

Indians do know how to party and Indian cuisine is the party food.  Each small bite is packed with flavor by being daring and bold.  The dishes are unique and festive. They’re full of flavor, and you can have fresh, savory, sweet, textured, and spicy all packed into one bite. It’s the kind of food you put in your mouth and then just take a second to relish the complex flavors.  It goes well with spice-driven cocktails, wine, beer, and spirits. It can be fun—like paneer skewers, soups in demitasse cups, bite-sized samosas, dahi-papadi chaat or beet croquettes—or it can be fancy, like the lamb chops and regal dosa. Most of all, the choices are endless!

So, here’s your definitive guide to ordering the best Indian office party menu—adaptable to any celebration, of course!

Dreaming Up a Party Menu

These are the dishes we envision people eating as they sip cocktails and celebrate the year’s successes. We’re thinking bite-sized, non-messy, and absolutely delightful. Consider ordering the following:

  • Seasonal Soups:  This could be a delicious winter squash or salsify or a light summer soup like Rasam.
  • Bite-sized Samosas: Samosas can be filled with anything from potatoes to mushrooms and cheese to ground meat. Talk to your caterer about your many options.
  • Naan Flatbreads: This dish is based on a naan crust—need I say more? Toppings can be anything you desire, but we recommend tandoori chicken, tomatoes, cilantro, and paneer. Alternatively, you could ask your caterer to get creative and present you with options you might not consider.
  • Paneer Salad on a Skewer: Paneer is an Indian cheese that is a favorite for roasting and skewering. Pair it with a cherry tomato or a seasonal vegetable, a vibrant green herb, and a chutney dressing and voila!—you have a mini salad with the perfect Indian spin.

People can only drink and munch on appetizers for so long; they’re bound to get really hungry at some point! To make sure those stomachs are fed, here are some ideas for more substantial fare:  

  • Lamb Kebab Sliders: Sliders are the perfect party food, but they’re made absolutely divine with spiced patties and hand-picked chutneys.
  • Tandoori Wraps: Naan is back at it again, this time wrapped around tandoori paneer, chicken, or lamb. Dressed with shredded cabbage, lettuce, or kale, and doused in tamarind, yogurt, or mint sauce, this is a dish people will remember long after the drinks are gone.   If you don’t have access to a tandoor, you can always use a roti.  
  • Uttapam Open Faced Sandwich: Uttapam is a rice batter pancake. It’s great topped with grilled onions, but you can top it with anything your heart could possibly desire and definitely a little chutney.

Drinks That Make For a Memorable Evening

Now, Indian food is festive, but it wouldn’t be a party (for many of us) without alcohol. The drinks are often what people look forward to, a great way to start the evening and they’re definitely what people remember most. With spice-driven and perfectly balanced cocktails, you’re sure to offer drinks people will be dying to have again. Here are some juicy ideas:

  • Fresh Cocktails: Ask for champagne, soda, or vodka based drinks. Indian tradition dictates generous additions of mint, lemon, tamarind, mango, kokum, plum, and gooseberry.
  • Warm Cocktails: We’re thinking brandies, whiskeys and rum mixed with nut milks and creams. Add cardamom, saffron, and ginger for a special Indian twist.
  • Spicy, Bold Cocktails: Take whiskeys, cardamom, or licorice liquors, and add a serious kick of cinnamon or cayenne peppers. These intense Indian cocktails could take over the world!

Like all things Indian, our drinks are colorful, bold, and flavorfulwhich sounds like exactly what your office party needs. Imagine your guests graced with glasses of reds, oranges, and purples as they are positively delighted by the novel concoctions.

It’s Party Time!

Choose Indian food and ensure your party aftermath is overwhelmed by delicious gossip about the food. This is your chance to offer foods and drinks your guests will likely never have tried before and will most likely be dying to have again. That’s the essence of a successful party—a great space, good vibes, even better food, and the hands-down best drinks. Go explore the possibilities on our catering menu, and start planning next hottest office party!

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